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29th July 2014


I wish I had somewhere secret to put my thoughts and opinions.

26th July 2014

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4th July 2014

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Unpopular Opinions

My workplace is extremely big on honesty and integrity and I find it really hard not to tell people that they fucking suck sometimes. I guess I have a lot of unpopular opinions.

If you’re fat and weak, lift heavy things to make yourself stronger and clean up your diet.  If you’re broke, take a stand and manage your money better. If you’re failing classes, buckle down, put in the hours and learn the material. If you’re a shitty drunk, stop fucking drinking.

Apologizing for something doesn’t instantly make things better. Sometimes the ends justify the means.  Sometimes taking a leap of faith is fucking stupid.  Life a journey centered around deciding “This is what I want in my life” and making it fucking happen.  Self esteem is for the fat kids and the losers.

Lifting my right hand and taking an oath to defend my country didn’t instantly make me some sort of hero.  Graduating Basic Training didn’t either.  Telling Uncle Sam that I’m willing to give him six years of my life defending my country doesn’t instantly put me above anybody else.  Saying “Hooyah X” doesn’t instantly make “X” cool.

Being in the military, I have a lot of military friends and sometimes they bug the shit out of me.  You’re not some kind of bad ass, at least not yet.  You graduated boot camp two months ago.  There’s a lot of fucking retarded smart guys. 

It feels like the more fucks I give, the more miserable I get.  Maybe I’m just an asshole.

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14th September 2013


Insomniac Part 2

"I have a meeting tomorrow."


"I have a meeting tomorrow.  Well - today, technically."

I pause and close my eyes.  After a few seconds, I open them and realize the first light from the morning is starting to filter in through the window. I take in the room, now faintly illuminated not just by my computer screen, but also the first rays of the sun.  The shelf that lines the wall above the closet need to be dusted.  My late grandfather’s suit hangs inside the closet behind the open door, untouched for over a year.

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5th September 2013

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You have to push play. Nothing in the world will prepare you or make you think that you are going to hear what you are going to hear from this guy. When he started singing I stared mouth open. 




I’m literally crying tears.




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5th September 2013

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THROWIN IT BACK TO Gunner’sclassic art piece,
the Sanic heroes! THEY GOTTA GO FAST!


I am the Sanick hero.



THROWIN IT BACK TO Gunner’sclassic art piece,

the Sanic heroes! THEY GOTTA GO FAST!


I am the Sanick hero.

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3rd September 2013

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i would just like to say, in regards to my sudden idol olympics spam with orange clad exo, i am not sorry. shits going down in the fandom and its happening all at once.

so nick. suck it up.

as for everyone else, please ignore me while i flounder from exo’s nonsense.

Not sure if I should be honored to have someone with actual followers go out of their way to tell me to deal with the inordinate amount of EXO on my dash.

3rd September 2013

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Gotta hate insomnia

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21st August 2013

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listen, i’m never going to let you use my laptop idk what exactly i have to hide but i’m 200% sure there’s something

#i once grabbed my best friend by the head with my hands over his eyes when he turned on my computer

Ahhh good times

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19th August 2013

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THis is like the time I grabbed a guys boob

Don’t you mean his breast?

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